My Wicked Debtor

Krati, the daughter of a street food vendor in a rural area, wants to escape her struggling family life. After graduation in Bangkok, she starts a restaurant business with her friends, who cheat her and get her into trouble with a loan shark. So, she goes back to stay with her mom in her hometown. Her mother learns about Krati’s situation, so she borrows money from Likit, the Deputy District Chief, to pay the loan shark. In return, Krati must become a helper at Likit’s house. Hating Likit for no reason, Krati always finds fault to argue with him every day. Until Nat, Likit’s gold-digging ex-girlfriend, comes back to him with a hidden agenda. Krati wants to win this battle over Likit’s heart by being more lady-like and cooking food that he loves, using her mother’s secret recipes. But no matter how hard she tries, Likit still doesn’t find her food delicious. Not until Krati finally learns from her mother that there is no fixed formula for cooking. Cooking is by heart, just like “Love”.

  • GENRE : Comedy
  • SERIES : 20 episodes
  • LENGTH : 60 min
  • AVAILABLE AS : Scripted format/Finished program